Tuesday, November 8, 2016

JSFiddle Embed of Bootstrap Page I Practiced Creating

See how this looks.  If you cannot see any content in the JSFidddle box below, click on the 'Result' link which is the fourth link from the left on the header.

It's nothing spectacular.  I was practicing how to create Bootstrap pages when I noticed there was an "Embed This" link near my content.  So I figured I'd post it here as this is a new blog and it didn't have much content.  I'm working on it!

The fact is I've been lazy.  I've been learning about CSS3 and Bootstrap and web development in general and I guess I got a little tired.  I'm having a lot of fun!

I learned how to write HTML in 2000 and I've kept up with it on and off throughout the years, so I'm not too far behind.  I started this AMP Pages blog so I could also learn about that technology and since Google is the major player in the release of AMP HTML, I figured, why not.

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